Whilst it is our mission to provide ‘Fun, Healthy and Inclusive’ experiences, our active coaching team is trained and qualified in all key aspects of safeguarding children and health and safety.

Child Protection

Active Soccer is aware that parents will expect any individual responsible for the safety and wellbeing of children to be qualified and trustworthy. All our coaches are in possession of a current DBS certificate and have appropriate National Governing Body qualifications. It is also company policy that they always wear Active Soccer uniform and an Active Soccer ID badge when they are coaching children.

First Aid

Active Soccer coaches are required to hold a current First Aid Certificate and to carry a fully stocked first aid kit with them to all sessions. We ask parents to provide us with contact details for every child and to for to be aware of any medical conditions in the event of an accident or emergency.

Risk Assessments

Our staff are required to conduct a risk assessment of the facility, the activity and the group of children before delivering a session and to put any measures in place that are required to reduce the likelihood of accidents and injuries occurring.

Accident & Emergency

Whilst delivering safe sessions is of the utmost importance all our staff and coaches are trained how to respond in the event of an accident or an emergency.


All members of our Active Soccer coaching team are provided with a range of equipment to enable them to deliver safe and effective coaching sessions.

ID Badges

As stated in the Child Protection section above, all our coaches are provided with and required to wear Active soccer ID badges.

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