1-2-1 Training/ Group Sessions

Hard Work Beats Talent


Our 1-2-1 opportunity provides the chance for players to have a training session directly with the coach, maximising the amount of time a player has on the ball as well as the detail of feedback. Although our sessions are designed to challenge the players technically, physically, and psychologically in order to seek progression, the 1-2-1 training gives players and coach the freedom to work at an appropriate tempo to benefit the player.

Our Small Group sessions offer a similar opportunity. You can arrange for 2-4 players to create a group, and book in for sessions that follow a similar detailed structure to 1-2-1s. They are designed to challenge players in the same way but add slightly different element where the additional players can be used as defenders / attackers to create more game realistic situations. The additional players also propose an opportunity for players to work on combinations and in a competitive environment against each other.

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