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Delivering a pathway for local, talented footballers to maximise their progression on and off the pitch


Our development sessions present the opportunity for players of all abilities between 6-11 years old, to join a group training session that is suitable to their needs. The groups are split by level (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) to allow all children to be within a session they feel comfortable and is best for their personal development. We want to provide children with a pathway where they have an opportunity to progress through our groups and maximise their football development, whilst maintaining a strong focus on our values. Each group will have their own colour code displayed through an Active Soccer t-shirt which is available our on Active soccer shop.

Week to week the topics of each session will vary focusing on numerous technical elements of the game, whilst offering additional advice depending on the group level. Through bringing children together in our development sessions, we aspire to create an environment full of positivity, energy, and enthusiasm where children can develop as players, form friendships and be active, whilst developing as people with our core values.

The beginner group is the first opportunity to progress into our Player Development Centre. This group targets players starting their football journey and have limited footballing experience, but want to partake in sessions that will support their technical development. These sessions provide the opportunity for young players to get their first real taste into a more detailed football session that targets enhancing the fundamental skills that are relevant to supporting the progression of their all-round game. The beginner group also provides the perfect next step from our Mini Kickers program through gaining more structured coaching.

Our intermediate group provides the next steppingstone in our development pathway and is the perfect progression for players who are ready to move on from our Beginner Group. This group also targets players who may be involved in a team set up but feel as though they are not getting as much game time or opportunity and would benefit from the extra sessions to support their development. These sessions will have focus on different key topics from week to week, allowing children to gain a greater understanding of more specific details whilst having the freedom to express themselves and enjoy playing football.

The Advanced group targets players who have experience playing competitively and are looking for additional training that will enhance their progress and take them to the next level. The main emphasis of the sessions is on development and to help players fulfil their potential in a positive learning environment.

We aim to provide an enjoyable, safe and secure learning environment where players can improve their technical ability and game understanding, as well as other personal components such as communication and confidence that will support their progression. We want to create an atmosphere where these players can express themselves and enjoy their football whilst aspiring to better themselves with every session. These high-quality coaching sessions will be of an intense and focused nature supplying relevant feedback throughout. These sessions will complement the child’s current football provision at their club.

Developed technical programme

Developed technical programme

Complimenting club provision

Complimenting club provision