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Darren Bedford and Leon Turner

Active Soccer Egham has been operating since July 2009 and was originally Active Soccer Woking. Initially delivering just football provision at after school clubs and for the local school sports partnerships across a variety of venues, the trusted team have developed and expanded their offering to include PE provision and multi sports.

Active Soccer Egham is the first Active franchise to deliver our Club coaching service and have been instrumental in the development of Manorcroft United football club which now operates as one of the largest in its area.

Active Soccer Egham  also delivers PPA PE provision and helps schools provide a strong PE curriculum whilst helping to improve the overall sporting standard, with large improvements seen across district and regional competitions within the schools working with Active. Football remains a focus of after school clubs although our multi sport after school clubs are just as well attended and popular.

In addition to the football camps offered during the school holidays, Active Soccer Egham now offers extended holiday camp provision through our XT Club that includes a range of activities from sports to art and crafts. The XT Club has something for every child and with our extended days, the club offers parents all day care for their children through the holidays.

The XT Club also specialises in delivery of after school wrap around care provision and breakfast clubs with games, indoor and outdoor activities helping to keep children engaged for an extended school day.

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