About Active Soccer

Active Soccer International was introduced in 2016.

The first ever International soccer school took place in Finland at the Olympic training centre in Kuortane.

Active Soccer International soccer schools provide an opportunity for players to improve their technical ability during a specialist training week that provides a structured coaching syllabus.

Young players and beginners will get the opportunity to learn new skills and the basics of football whilst improving their English with the coaches.

The soccer schools also provide advanced players the chance to take part in a high quality training week. Each session is topic related and broken down for the players to gain more understanding behind the coaching points covered.

We will provide the players with a feel of being in a professional surrounding. Classroom sessions will be offered each morning before the training begins. Our links with professional clubs in the United Kingdom will provide players the opportunity to showcase their skills for a trial.

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Our Promise

  • Professional Coaching
  • Academy based sessions
  • Progress Player Diaries
  • Improve English
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